Winner of Artwork Contest

The SONATA ARCTICA artwork contest has come to an end and the band have picked their personal favorites!

The WINNING piece will be the new artwork for the SONATA ARCTICA promotional single “Flag In The Ground” and was done by: SIMO HEIKKINEN (Finland)!
2nd winner: Artwork done by Dilyana Delcheva (Bulgaria)
3rd winner: Artwork done by Rodrigo Larreteguy (Argentina)
Commented singer TONY KAKKO:

“On behalf of the whole Sonata Arctica, I would like to thank all of you, who sent artwork suggestions for our promotional single “Flag In The Ground”! Fantastic!
The range of different ideas and styles was staggering and our decision was far from easy. I think at the end we all had our own personal favorites!
But there can be only one! In this case one winner, one 2nd and one 3rd.
So we actually had to build an extremely complex voting system to come up with the winner and even then it was not all that easy.
And honestly, I think you are all winners, and you should think so too. You worked hard to complete the artwork in extremely limited time frame.
And you did it. Ovations.
As I am writing this message, I still only have the artwork jpg’s with different names and no idea who is behind which work.
Just so you will know; if the winner happens to be my mother, it is simply because her work was THE BEST!

Without any drum rolls, behold! The mighty winner! The best of the best of the best!
Thank you people!
See you on tour!“
~Tony – Sonata Arctica
The single “Flag In The Ground” will have its premiere on the band´s MySpace page on September 4th! Do not miss!

The new album “The Days Of Grays” will be out on September 18th via Nuclear Blast!