Tony featured in the KARMAFLOW Rock Opera Videogame

KARMAFLOW : The Rock Opera Videogame is here!

Join Tony and other well known artists, musician and singers all alike, on
a great adventure on the worlds first Rock Opera Videogame Karmaflow! An
amazing cross-over between music, gaming and theater!

“It was a long and fun project I was, as a game enthusiast, really excited
to get into! I was put in a role of… well, maybe it is better if you
check it out yourself! Surprises are too rare today. Too many spoilers
around you can trip on. 😉
An amazing experience, have to say!
Please check out the game and also the soundtrack, both available on Steam
as a digital download.

The physical OST album you can find from EMP, if you’re one of the cool
old school guys who likes the to get their hands on things, that is. 😉
Enjoy the ride! I sure as heck enjoyed my role. Now excuse me,
I’ve got a game to finish!

See you soon, friends!



Physical OST available via EMP!