Sonata Arctica Poster Competition

Win some rare Sonata Arctica goodies!

To celebrate the upcoming Live DVD, we’ve decided to raffle some very rare signed Sonata Arctica goodies among all who pre-orders the upcoming ‘Live In Finland’ DVD from The Official Sonata Arctica Webshop!

You will automatically take part in this raffle by pre-ordering the DVDDVD+T-Shirt bundle or DVD+Girlie T-Shirt bundle.

There will be six prizes in total to be raffled:

  1. Signed set list from the Live DVD gig in Oulu, Finland
  2. Another signed set list from the Live DVD gig in Oulu, Finland
  3. Signed ‘Sonata Arctica Japan Tour 2001’ poster
  4. Signed ‘Sonata Arctica Japan Tour 2003’ poster
  5. Signed ‘Sonata Arctica supports Iron Maiden 2004 in Japan’ poster
  6. Signed ‘Sonata Arctica Japan Tour 2005’ poster

You can also take part in this raffle by sending us a postcard. The postcard needs to arrive by the 11th of November, when we make the final raffling. If you decide to send a postcard, remember to include your contact details (name, address and email address). You can send the postcard to this address:

Sonata Arctica Webshop / Raffle
PL 254
80101 Joensuu

The winners will be contacted by email. Good luck to everyone!