»Pariah’s Child« enters charts worldwide & release new video “Love”

SONATA ARCTICA’s new studio album »Pariah’s Child« entered the charts worldwide.
Among other, the album made it to #1 in their Finnish home country again!

Finland: #1
Czech Rep.: #16

Austria: #30

Germany: #31
Netherlands: #52
Spain: #78
UK: #127

Henrik Klingenberg commented: “Somehow it never gets old to get your album to be #1. We’re of course very pleased and want to say a huge thank you to all our fans for making this possible! Apparently people seem to be awake in other countries as well and we’re very happy that our album is doing well all over the world. At the moment we’re touring in Europe, playing the new stuff live has been really great and we’re looking forward to tour into 2015 as well. See you all at the shows. Cheers!”

Today also the second video clip for the song “Love” is being released.
Enjoy the track here: http://youtu.be/qBACRtmu0VQ

Tony Kakko commented: “I’ve been at times asked how all Sonata love songs are just cruel and sad and something is or goes always wrong. Well: Happiness is boring. That’s why all the tv-series are full of drama. 25 seasons of fucking sunshine and ice cream does not sell. Anyway, this is my attempt to navigate the uncharted waters of Happy. Sometimes you see these really old couples, who walk hand in hand, like they’ve done since they were mere kids. “Love” is a song about that life long love we all would deserve. It’s just beautiful. And rare.“