Date of birth: 05.09.1981

Joined Band: Original Member

Equipment: Pearl drums, Balbex sticks & Meinl cymbals

How did you become a musician? My best friend played drums when I was 8 years old and got me excited about playing as well.

Where were you 20 years ago when Tricky Beans started off? I was there.

Where do you see yourself 20 years from now? Probably in my bunk on the tourbus wondering which country I’m in and what I’m still doing here 😉

Musical inspiration: Jörg Michael/Stratovarius, Any good music no matter from what genre.

What’s in the music folder on your phone/⁠computer/⁠other device? Cheek, Devil’s Train, Ida Paul&Kalle Lindroth, Revolution Saints, Nickelback…

What is your favorite song from each of your albums?
Ecliptica: My Land
Silence: Last drop falls
Winterheart’s Guild: Victoria’s Secret
Reckoning Night: Don’t say a word
Unia: Paid in full
The Days of Grays: Last amazing grays
Stones Grow Her Name: I have a right
Pariah’s Child: The Wolves die young
The Ninth Hour: Life
Talviyö: Cold

Favorite song ever to play live: Don’t say a word

Best tour experience off-stage: When Elias and I rented Harleys in Arizona during the 2014 US/CAN Tour.

Best country to tour in: There’s a lot: USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Finland just to mention a few.

Best thing to get from fans on tour: A positive response while being on stage.

Warm-⁠up ritual before you go on stage: I start streching about an hour before the show, then I’ll have a small glass of red wine…and off we go.

Favorite food/⁠drink: Hamburger, Pizza / Red wine, Beer, Coke.

Favorite movie/⁠series: American History X / Prison Break & 24

Favorite cartoon/⁠comic: I don’t watch cartoons anymore.

Favorite game/⁠sports: Ice-hockey

Your kind of heaven: What a question, am I going there?

Your worst vice: I don’t have any…. YOLO 😇

What you’d do with a shitload of money: I would buy houses around the world.

Hobbies, or rather what you do on tour to pass long travel/⁠wait times: Sleep, watching movies.

Place(s) you’d like to visit: Hawaii

Wise words: Elämä on ihmisen parasta aikaa!!

Last but not least: Is there something you need??! VODKA!!!!