Gold for Unia as well!

Even more gold news. Less than 2 months after its release, Sonata Arctica’s new album “Unia” reached Gold status in Finland as well now. That was the fastest Gold award they’ve achieved so far and now the band has 7 Gold records in total.

Gold for Ecliptica

Right after the best of compilation “The Collection” now Sonata Arctica’s debut album “Ecliptica” has also sold gold in Finland. More than 20,000 copies were sold since the release of the album as the gold record limit was higher back then. With this album the band has 6 gold records now.

Unia charts positions

Here’s a few more Unia charts positions after the first week of its release:

  • Finland: #1
  • Japan: #7 in overseas artists, #22 overall
  • Sweden: #27
  • Germany: #35
  • Switzerland: #40
  • Austria: #62

Message from Tony

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