Merchandise Info (Finnish shows)

Tulevilla Suomenkeikoilla on paitamyyntiä
Maksutavat: käteinen
(näin nopeutat sekä itsesi että muiden kaupantekoa) ja pankkikortti.
Pankin kuluista johtuen lisäveloitus 1 Euro pankkikortilla ostaessa.

Tour in Japan

Sonata Arctica will do a short tour in Japan this July. Two dates (July 21st & 22nd @ Shibuya-AX, Tokyo) have already been confirmed and more will follow.
Check the tour list for more information about upcoming live shows.

Paid in Full – Videoshooting

Sonata Arctica have just finished shooting the video of their upcoming single “Paid in full”. Click here to read the diary and see a couple of pictures from the video shooting.

“Unia” on presale

Now you can also pre-order “Unia” from the Official Sonata Arctica Webshop. There will be an “exclusive” Webshop-version of “Unia” which includes the album (Digi-pak version + Bonustrack) and a T-shirt.

Note: this package is only available through the Sonata Arctica Webshop!

New information about Unia

Finally we can reveal what you’ve all been waiting for. Below you can find the tracklists, release dates (Europe) and artworks of both Sonata Arctica’s new studio album “Unia” and the single “Paid In Full”.


Tracklist Unia:

  1. In Black And White
  2. Paid In Full
  3. For The Sake Of Revenge
  4. It Won’t Fade
  5. Under Your Tree
  6. Caleb
  7. The Vice
  8. My Dream’s But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare
  9. The Harvest
  10. The Worlds Forgotten, The Words Forbidden
  11. Fly With The Black Swan
  12. Good Enough Is Good Enough

Release: 25.05.2007

Paid In Full

Tracklist Paid In Full (Single):

  1. Paid in Full (radio edit)
  2. Out in the Fields (Gary Moore cover)
  3. Paid in Full Release: 27.04.2007