release date
May 25, 2007


  • In Black And White
  • Paid In Full
  • For The Sake Of Revenge
  • It Won't Fade
  • Under Your Tree
  • Caleb
  • The Vice
  • My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare
  • The Harvest
  • To Create A Warlike Feel *
  • The Worlds Forgotten, The Words Forbidden
  • Fly With The Black Swan
  • Good Enough Is Good Enough
  • They Follow **
  • Out In The Fields ***
  • My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare (Instrumental) ***

* Bonus Track on Ltd. European, Finnish, Double-Vinyl & Nuclear Blast Mailorder edition
** Exclusive Japanese Bonus Track
*** Bonus Track on Japanese, North American, Double-Vinyl & Nuclear Blast Mailorder edition



Selestina choir on “In Black and White”, “Under Your Tree”, “To Create A Warlike Feel” & “Caleb” conducted by Tarja Vanhala
Choir arrangements by T.Kakko

Strings on “Good Enough is Good Enough”:
Tuomas Airola - cello
Elar Kuiv - violin
Kati Niemelä - violin/viola
Anna-Leena Kangas - viola
Oskari Hannula - double bass
arranged and conducted by Tuomas Airola

Acoustic guitars, bouzouki, chromaharp, Kavaquinho & Q-chord on “They Follow”, “Under Your Tree”, “The Harvest”, “It Won’t Fade”, “Fly With the Black Swan” by Peter Engberg
Acoustic guitars - “The Worlds Forgotten, The Words Forbidden” and
Acoustic guitar solo - “They Follow” by Jani Liimatainen

Additional vocals performances:
“To Create a Warlike Feel” - vocals in Finnish - Jarkko Martikainen
“Caleb” - The Lady in the beginning of - Milla V
“whatevergod…” - “Caleb” and “just passion and rage” - “In Black and White” performed by Starbuck

Additional Information

All songs written by Tony Kakko, Songs arranged by Sonata Arctica, vocal arrangements by T.Kakko

Recorded at Tico Tico Studio by Ahti “onneks ei olla ens levyn biisejä soittamassa” Kortelainen

Guitars and acoustic guitars recorded at Sonic Pump Studio by Nino Laurenne
String and Hammond organ recorded at Studio 57 by Pasi Kauppinen
Vocals, backing vocals and keyboards at 2ndrate Soundcave by T. Kakko
Guitarsolos at Jani’s Lair by J. Liimatainen
Keyboards and k-board solos at The Lanceland Room by H. Klingenberg

Mixed at Finnvox Studios by Mikko “intialaisetkin voi innostua täst musasta” Karmila, while Tony and Marko drank coffee
Mastered at Cutting Room by Björn Engelmann

Tony’s consultants:
- Mape Ollila
- Starbuck;

Album illustration and band photography by Inferi Art / Janne & Gina Pitkänen

Produced by Tony Kakko & Sonata Arctica 2006-2007


Tony Kakko - Vocals / Backing vocals
Jani Liimatainen - Guitars
Tommy Portimo - Drums
Marko Paasikoski - Bass
Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards