release date
October 8, 2008

Silence (Re-Issue)

  • …of Silence
  • Weballergy
  • False News Travel Fast
  • The End Of This Chapter
  • Black Sheep
  • Land Of The Free
  • Last Drop Falls
  • San Sebastian (Revisited)
  • Sing In Silence
  • Revontulet (Instrumental)
  • Tallulah
  • Wolf & Raven
  • Respect The Wilderness
  • The Power Of One
  • Peacemaker *
  • Wolf & Raven **

* Original recording
** Re-recorded track


Additional Information

All Songs written by T.Kakko
Arrangements by Sonata Arctica

Grand piano on #4 and #11 recorded at Finnvox Studios by Mikko Karmila
Spoken parts recorrded Mika Niilonen
Male voices on #1, #4, #7 and #13 by Nik Van-Eckmann
Female voce on #by Renay Gonzalez

Recorded at Tico Tico Studio, by Ahti Kortelainen during fall 2000 and spring 2001
Mixed by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios in April 2001
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios
Wolf & Raven (2008 remake) arranged, recorded, and performed by Tony Kakko at Kakkoslaatu Studio, mixed by Ahti Kortelainen at Tico-Tico Studio

Cover art and logo by Eric Philipp
Inlay drawings by Tero Junkkila
Original logo concept by Janne Pitkänen
Art Direction and background photos by T. Kakko
Band photo by Toni Härkönen


Tony Kakko - Vocals, additional keyboards
Jani Liimatainen - Guitars
Tommy Portimo - Drums
Mikko Härkin - Keyboards
Marko Paasikoski - Bass