04/22/2007 Promo trip diary (12.04. - 19.04.2007 - Europe) Henkka
12.4. Helsinki

The morning flight to Helsinki, something of a habit these days, starts off with what will become a week of interviews in Europe. Tuula from Spinefarm picks us up at the airport and we all head to the hotel. Luckily there's a couple of hours off before the first interview so we have some time to grab a small bite. The day passes by talking about the new album, occasionally leaving the hotel lobby for a radio interview (Tony) and a tv-thing (both). Finally we hook up with Ossi from Imperiumi to have dinner and do the last story for the day. Unlucky as he is he had to question us during the last game of the Finnish ice-hockey finals. As our team (Kärpät !!!!) takes the trophy home, the evening turns to night and I call up a few old buddies to celebrate.

13.3. Travel day

Apart from the hangover, this is definately the easiest day of the trip. One interview in the afternoon, followed by a flight to Germany. The basic drill again, Flo from Nuclear Blast picks us up and we head to the hotel. A nice dinner and a couple of drinks is basically what goes on. There's a lot to catch up on since we last met and as we're joined by other friends from NBR the drinks keep on coming. Nothing too wild though and by 0100 it's nighty night and lights out.

14.-15.4 Donzdorf

These two days are basically talking on the phone and playing pinball. NBR has a really nice funroom full of games etc so in between interviews there's plenty of stuff to waste your time with. The first morning however starts with Tony & me going for the ultimate shoe-hunt. Coming from Finland where we still have snow, both of us were smart enough only to bring wintershoes and down here it's hot as hell. We do however manage to save ourselves and pick up some new shoes. We're also joined by Karin from Sonic Syndicate who's doing their promo stuff at the same time, chatting, pizza, beer & work.....and before long we're done for the day. Our dear friend Holle hosts a party in the evening which of course is nice indeed. More games, Poker & Rockstar....and of course whisky & rum. I think we had a good time, and in the morning I call Flo to come and get me, just in time for work. More inties and beer. At the end of the day we go to a pizzeria for a couple of more drinks, tomorrow will be the first really hard day.

16.4. Madrid

Oh, I just love the sound of the alarm clock, especially at 0600 in the fucking morning. We get dropped to the airport and all morning is spent on airplanes, first to Zürich where we catch the connecting flight to Madrid. A quick bite and the interviews start. At around 9-10 in the evening were done and pretty beat. I get invited to a party but unfortunately have to decline because I know I have to cope with tomorrow's reality. Scheisse.

17.4. Milan

Much in the vein of yesterday we get up at 0515, straight to the airport and some hours later we're in Milan. Another hour by cab and we find our hotel. Not much to our surprise we spend the entire day in the hotel lobby talking guessed it - our new album. Today ends a little bit earlier and at 2000 we eat some dinner. Once again I resist my urge to go crazy and just wind up in the hotel room, watching comedy and listening to music.

18.-19.4. Paris

Today we got to sleep until 0700 which was really nice. Of course that didn't mean more than around 3 hours for me, since I somehow managed to stay up until 0400. Be that as it may, we get driven to the airport and head for Paris. Somewhat alive upon arrival, the basic drills starts, a driver in an awesome VIP-car picks us up and brings us to the hotel. This time however the hotel is really interesting. Apparently it used to be a place for artists and writers to hang out and drink Absinthe.

So, after another full day of interviews and a dinner with Valerie from NBR, I grab some of the green fairy and head up to my room :) Having slept an average of 3-4 hours a night during this trip I don't manage to stay up too long before I'm out.

OK, so now for the last day. We only had inties from 1200-1630, actually Tony had a phoner earlier. Having done our stuff, it's time for another flight, this time to Finland and Home.
Of course we managed to get into some real confusing situation with the luggage and connecting flights etc but in the end we found our way home (for me it was 0200 at night).
Unfortunately, we haven't got any pictures from this trip, but I seriously doubt "the dudes sitting in whatever lobby" is an interesting topic for visual storytelling. Having done over a 100 interviews with Tony on this trip alone, we really look forward to the upcoming Finnish shows this weekend (27-30.4.). At the end of the day playing music is what this really is about anyway.

Cheers !
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