05/11/2006 European tour 2006 diary Henkka
10.05.2006 - Voorschoten, The Netherlands

The three shows in Spain that we did were all pretty hot, but that was kinda expected. In Barcelona we almost missed our show because our bus broke down during the previous night. However, our supercrew managed to setup our gear in an amazingly short time and we pulled through. After spending an off-day somewhere in France (I got the flu and slept all day so I don't know where we were at) we drove to Paris and visited the Eiffel-tower. Those of us who saw it for the first time were kinda impressed. Today is the last off-day on this tour so we decided to go bowling for a change, this time we actually managed to get the Doro-guys with us as well. Tomorrow is show number 150 on this tour, so there might even be a small party, hopefully the flu is gone by then.

Cheers, Henkka

04.05.2006 - Porto, Portugal

Hello !
I'm currently listening to Altaria's soundcheck and trying to remember where we've been the last few days. The Plato show was really hot (we didn't mind though) and since then it's been 2 shows in France. Paris was really chaotic and all my shit was floating around the whole time, 'cause there where no barriers between us and the audience and the stage was pretty low also. Fun indeed, and a very good crowd. The last couple of days (including the showday in Montpellier) have been pretty hard for some of the guys since we caught some sort of stomach-disease (= lots of puke and shit). Something similar (probably the same shit) caught some of the other bands & crew as well. Things seem to be better today as far as I know, the sun is shining and I'll probably get a cab and head out to the beach.....or take a nap in the bus.

Until next time, Henkka

28.04.2006 - Helmond, The Netherlands

Birthdays...well, everybody is still alive and kicking. We did some shows in Germany and Switzerland over the last couple of days. In Pratteln we did get to enjoy the first really hot day on this tour which was really refreshing. More bowling on the off-day in Osnabrück, and I actually broke my last record. It's still totally shit because I'm not too much of a bowler so I won't tell you how much it was. Hamburg last night was a bit of a nightmare, we could hardly fit on stage and we were bumping into each other all the time, despite this the concert was alright and the audience seemed to enjoy it. We're now on our 3rd week of this tour and so far it's been really relaxed and fun. No really big problems, the audiences have been totally cool and the bus is still working. Right now that's all, I think. Tonight's show is sold out and we're headlining so it's gonna be one hot rock'n'roll party !

rokrok, Henkka

22.04.2006 - Kaiserslautern, Germany

Allrighty then, what's up ? After I got my gear fixed (in Nürnberg) some of us went to the local zoo, doing the tourist thing, snapping pictures and walking around. The next day we did the show in Budapest before a very excited crowd. I think we all had a very fun night both on and off-stage.
Vienna the next day was pretty good as well, it's a very beautiful city (for those of you who haven't been there). In Munich my sustain-pedal was broken for some reason, and it resulted in a pretty interesting version of Tallulah. Gearwise this tour hasn't been too much fun, maybe it's time to get some new stuff since the keyboardshit seems to break down all the time. Well, I cross my fingers and hope for the best. We're also all getting to know each other little by little on this tour and in Munich the partypatrol already had guys from all the bands in it, too bad the closest club was a technoinferno.
Anyway, we finally had an off-day in Stuttgart with bowling and the usual stuff. Yesterday we played another festival and tonight our FOH-engineer has his birthday, so maybe it's partytime.....we'll see what we can come up with.

Salaattipäivä Henkka
PS. I got a couple of pictures from Tommy for y'all !

16.04.2006 - Nürnberg, Germany

Hello everybody ! I just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell y'all what's going on.
Yesterday we played our first show in Germany in Herne with Saxon and Doro among others [see pictures here]. We started off in Sweden with three headlining shows and this tour will have a total of 26 shows in 10 countries. So far everything's gone pretty well and it feels great to be back on the road. Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare for me personally 'cause my keyboard rack broke down 5 minutes before we hit the stage. Luckily I have a backup system, and though I had to use some different sounds we managed to play the show which is the main point anyway. This day will probably pass pretty fast, fixing the gear and doing some interwievs, and at nine it's showtime again. This night we have a drive of 800km to Budapest, where we'll play tomorrow. I'll try to check back in a couple of days.

Cheers, Henkka.
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