10/26/2006 Unia rehearsal diary (week five: 15. -22.10.2006) Henkka
The final week (5)

Ok, so as usual towards the end of a longer touring/recording/rehearsing-streak you tend to get lazy. Which in this case means that I didn't finish off the diary along the week, and will thus have to reach into the depts of my hazed battered memory to recall what the last week was like. Poor excuses asshole !

Sun 10/15

Waking up at 8, having spent around 12 luxurious hours at home, I headed for my car which of course didn't start. Luckily my folks live in the city so I got assistance pretty quick. Since it's the last week I need to pick up all my keys etc. when I come home so the train isn't the best way to travel. Around four hours and one pizza later we're all back at the cabin rockin' out, or at least desperately trying. We pretty much played through all the songs and there's not too much major stuff to change anymore. Food, sleep and a new day will be here soon.

Mon 10/16-Sat 10/21

We got one new song under our belt with some minor changes in the approach during this week. Mainly we just played through the songs to verify that they were flawless. Which usually was the case. So musically this wasn't the most interesting week, but then again it's good to get to a point where everything is ready for the recording sessions, especially during the last days. Anyhow, on Wednesday we received a package from Spinefarm with some dvd's and cd's, so of course it was time for a little celebration. In the evening me & Make cranked up the COB Stockholm dvd and popped up a few beers. We actually got to the point where the world seemed like a better place before passing out. You can imagine how nice Thursday's rehearsals were. Up came the weekend and even though Friday usually brings out the lust for more beer, I tried to get to bed early (for reasons soon to be revealed) but failed a bit. No drinking though. On Saturday I woke up pretty damn tired at 6 in the morning with just 3 hours of sleep at 7 we started our day's work = taking photos. Since I won't be back in Kemi in several months and because of a million other reasons or whatever we've decided to end our rehearsal sessions by doing the promo shots for the album. Which we did outside in the snow (of course in our t-shirts), inside and wherever we thought it might took us the whole day but now it's done for another couple of years....maybe. After we were finished taking pictures (posing of course - we didn't take the pictures ourselves, duh ! ) a little bit after 7 in the evening, I headed out to Make's place for some warm up in the sauna as well as some poker with his neighbours. Being that it was my birthday we of course had to celebrate and headed for the bars in Kemi, one last night out before heading home. Nice :)

Sun 10/22

Woke up. Packed the car. Picked up a friend. Headed home. Cheers !

Well maybe a few more words than that. Now that the rehersal-camp is over I must say that it was definately worth it and I guess that the other guys agree. The total impact on the final product is yet to be seen but I'm sure it's gonna shine through in many ways. We'll see how it turns out. The songs are great, we know how to play them, the studio is booked.....just keep your thumbs up that everything works and before you know it you'll have another great Sonata album in your hands. I however predict that some sad fuck will upload it on the web way before the release date anyway and spoil it for the rest of you. Well, that's life and that's unfortunately how it's gonna be for some time.

Ok.....there will probably be some kind of updates from the studio but since we're making this albums in a total of 6-7 studios and home studios and during the next few months, the updates won't be so frequent and will not be on a daily basis. I'll ask the other guys to chip in with some words about the recordings....we'll see what happens.

Now let the work begin :)

cheers & beers,
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