10/19/2006 Unia rehearsal diary (week four: 09. -14.10.2006) Henkka
Week four

Mon 10/9

Back in business, today's practise went by quite well, even though some of us were pretty tired. Wonder why ? This week is gonna be a little bit different; on Wednesday we have a sauna-evening at a local hotel and on Thursday & Friday I have some shows to play with one of my other bands - Mental Care Foundation. For those of you who haven't heard about it , it's thrash metal and I'm on vocals there instead of keys. It's gonna be nice to go out and play the bar scene in between these rehearsals as I haven't been on stage since the SA-Open Air some two months ago. We've also almost finished recording the new versions of Replica & My Land, which are going to be included in the European version of the Best Of collection. They sound quite a bit different from the Ecliptica versions which is kind of the whole point anyway....I think. Cheers.

"you could't pull off a Clint" -JT

Tue 10/10

Coffee, tea, beer, tobacco...and a new song. That's about the highlights of the day. At least during the rehearsals. No, wait the video-guy brought us some burgers which was nice. After the rehearsals I went to Tony's place and we played some more keys for My Land & Replica. I still have a couple of solos to do tomorrow morning so I'll have to get up early. Make came out to the woods later on and we naturally went to the sauna and had some beers. Now it's around midnight and it's movie time. Cheers.

"I said share not scare " - RG

Wed 10/11

Did I get up early ? Not really, anyway all the tracks for Replica & My Land are done, at least for my part. The songs for the new record are shaping up quite nicely - this will probably be our heaviest album so far. I like it a lot :) Anyways, after the rehearsal we went into town and had some burgers before we moved on to the sauna. Here's where everything started to get some point our party was reduced to a selected few, who were however intoxicated enough to represent the whole bunch. Those of you who have seen the questionable dvd-extras can guess the rest, or at least pretty accurately.

"It's like Friday with no two pizzas" - JT

Thu-Sat 10/12-14

Today was a pretty normal day, except that I must admit that at least partly my thoughts were on tonight's gig. I have a thrash band called Mental Care Foundation ( I'm on vocals in that band and we've released one album called 'Alcohol Anthems'. Our next album will be released next month. Whatever....hehe, well we'll be playing the Tivoli in Rovaniemi tonight and Koodi in Kemi tomorrow. Joining us as headliner is a band called Lambs from Tornio, featuring SA's guitar tech Antti on guitars & vocals. I better run now the MCF dudes are coming to pick me up...cheers.


Yesterday's gig was ok, the band played decently but our stage presence is not too much to talk about. Lambs really rocked, of course. Afterwards everybody was totally wasted as you could expect. Some typical finnish drunken behaviour occured and naturally we had to drink with the Lambs dudes until the morning. At around 2 in the afternoon today, we picked up our stuff and headed back towards Kemi. The distance between the two "cities" is just 100km so there was no hurry. Soundcheck and food....nice. Time to get some pre-show beers, later.


Just a few words about last night, the show was better than Rovaniemi, at least musically. The party was once again totally chaotic, my SA bandmates Make, Tommy & Jani were present and so was our drumtech Tapsa as well as a pretty colorful bunch of friends, girlfriends and alikes. Unfortunately the highlights were once again in the "to be censored"-department. Good times, good times that's pretty much all I can say. Now I'm heading back home for the evening and tomorrow morning I'll be back in Kemi, in order to start the last week a bit early. It's a 4 hour drive so I'll better get going. Cheers !

"I'm stuck in the ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre" - CB
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