05/03/2007 Kickstart the band springroll club tour 2007 (27.4.-30.4.) Diary Henkka
Just back from the short Finnish tour we did, trying to recover from all the fun. These were our first shows since the last tour (which ended in August '06) and at least I personally was really excited about this. It all started with a few days of final rehearsals in a warehouse in Tornio, not too far from our hometown. Our techs also showed up and besides practising we worked on the monitors and checked through all our equipment in order to get it road-ready. I had to spend some evenings checking my sounds as well.

The first show was in Teatria, Oulu which also was the biggest one, funnily enough the venues and the crowds kept on getting smaller as the tour progressed. Anyways, the first show is always a bit nerve-wrecking and with this one we had the fuckin' pyrotechnics, a new guitar player, new songs and our mighty new stagedesign that we could run up and down on and hurt ourselves. Somehow nobody blew up, we played the whole set without making too many mistakes and the crowd of 2100+ people had a good time. It's fun to be back.

A couple of us celebrated in a local bar, some went to sleep and it was a very mixed crowd that hit the bus the next morning. The RockKatti-festival was a bit of a mystery to us. We only knew we were headlining and that the other bands would be Charon & Kotiteollisuus. Nevertheless, the arrangements were top notch and we got to stay in some really cool cabins by a lake, which always is nicer than the millions of hotelrooms we've been through. The highlight of the show, or more like the comic relief, was when some unnamed members of an unnamed band walked across the stage, pants down during our final bow at the end of the show. Since our job was done around 0300 in the morning there wasn't much appetite to go crazy so we enjoyed a quiet nightcap and some sauna before kicking back and trying to get some sleep. The wake up was at 0800 so there wasn't really too many hours left to rest.

I started the long drive to Tampere by hitting my bunk and sleeping for most of the drive. I woke up a little before we came to the venue and did the basic rock'n'roll drill with the other guys: check in to the hotel, shower, do the soundcheck, eat, back to the room to watch icehockey....and finally getting back to the venue, ready to rock. Pakkahuone (the venue) was sold out, and with 1500 people you're bound to have a good time. The only sad thing was that we weren't allowed to use any pyros at this venue. For Elias it was probably a lot of fun to play here because he lives only 20 min. away. So we were kinda on his turf. After the show we met up with some fans waiting outside, did some autographs etc. Me and Marko tried to find a bar with some action but soon decided to head back to the hotel where everybody else was hanging out in the suite somebody got us because there were no non-smoking rooms available. Very friendly of the hotel to do this indeed.

....and so they traveled to Helsinki for the last show of this short mini-tour. Tavastia is the most legendary rock club in Finland. So it was much to our delight that this show was the first one to sell out, almost immediately after we put the tickets on sale. Once again we're not allowed to use pyros but that didn't seem to make that much of a difference. An enthusiastic crowd and a great tour-ending-party afterwards. One funny thing that happened though, in the beginning of Fullmoon I was thinking of something completely different and ended up playing something totally crappy. I actually stopped when I realized that I had no idea what I was supposed to play. Total Blackout ! A quick peek at the setlist made me see what song I should play so I just hit it again and this time it was ok.

It was really great to see that we're still able to play and people show up. Now next up is some rehearsals, some promo and then we're ready for the summer festivals. I'm sure it will be a blast and there'll be plenty of stupid stuff going on when we meet all the other bands we've learned to know in the past. To all of you who came out this time, a big cheers and thanks. See you all later.


Pictures taken by Askar Ibragimov (2) and Tanja Härkönen (4)

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