Henrik Klingenberg

(Keyboards, Backing Vocals)
Date of birth:


Joined band:

At the end of 2002…I think…


Korg & Roland keyboards, Alesis Vortex and a whole lot of other stuff.

How did you become a musician?

I guess it was in the stars…or something, I don’t remember not being able to play, so it’s been with me since I was a toddler. Actually I do remember not being able to play on occasion but that’s a different story…

Where were you 20 years ago when Tricky Beans started off?

Playing progressive metal with my other band Silent Voices, and yeah we’re still together…thanks for asking ;-)

Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Rocking out, hopefully. I really don’t worry about the past or the future…right here and now is all that matters.

Musical inspiration:

Deep Purple, Metallica, Dream Theater, Frank Zappa
…the list could go on for days. Life also gives me a lot of inspiration.

What’s in the music folder on your phone/computer/other device?

Metallica, Toto, Lana del Rey, Van Halen, Whitesnake, Opeth, Jimi Hendrix…you get the picture, I’m too lazy to list everything.

What is your favorite song from each of your albums?

Ecliptica: Destruction Preventer
Silence: The Power of One
Winterheart’s Guild: The Ruins of my life
Reckoning Night: Don’t say a word
Unia: Fly with the Black Swan
The Days of Grays: The Truth is Out There
Stones Grow Her Name: Somewhere close to you
Pariah’s Child: Blood

Favorite song ever to play live:

Dream Thieves, Destruction Preventer

Best tour experience off-stage:

I can’t tell you about that… too personal but it was awesome ;-)

Best country to tour in:

Anywhere where people show up and go yeah !! Of course new places are always on the top of the list when it comes to, where I would prefare to go.

Best thing to get from fans on tour:

As long as I don’t get any STD, I’m good. On a more serious note: as long as the gift is not too big (we carry a lot of stuff with us anyway) getting stuff is always a special moment and it’s highly appreciated and it’s amazing what our fans come up with….so in that vein: Magnets, I love refridgerator magnets ;-)

Warm-up ritual before you go on stage:

Take a piss and get your groove on!!

Favorite food/drink:

Pasta / Whisky & White Wine…

Favorite movie/series:

Too many..I’d guess. At the moment House of Cards and Orange is the New Black has been really good. With movies there are too many to mention.

Favorite cartoon/comic:

Whatever my kids want to watch, I’m not a cartoon kinda dude but I go the extra mile sometimes.

Favorite game/sports:

EA sports NHL series on Playstation / Hockey, mostly NHL, soccer on occasion.

Your kind of heaven:

I don’t think it’s a place, it’s more like a state of mind, hence it can be anywhere.

Your worst vice:

Smoking… maybe drinking (but I consider that more of a feature than a vice).

What you’d do with a shitload of money:

Pay off the house, buy stuff for people around me…maybe travel some and get myself some more keyboards ;-)

Hobbies, or rather what you do on tour to pass long travel/wait times:

I try to read or watch something but mostly fail and end up in the bar, if there’s internet then I work…

Place(s) you’d like to visit:

Iceland, Alaska, South-Africa, South-Korea, Thailand, Vietnam…basically anywhere I haven’t been….oh and Hawaii of course, that would be awesome.

Wise words:

Not the right guy to ask this from ;-)

Last but not least: Is there something you need??!

At the moment I need breakfast…and maybe a beer ;-) We’ll save
the vodka for the shows.