Elias Viljanen

Date of birth:

8th of July

Joined band:



ESP guitars

How did you become a musician?

My dad trick me to pick up the guitarwhen I was about 9 years old.

Where were you 20 years ago when Tricky Beans started off?

20 years ago I was in the army. I played death metal with my band Depravity.

Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

In a warm place somewhere!

Musical inspiration:

Steve Vai

What’s in the music folder on your phone/⁠computer/⁠other device?

Whitesnake, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Steve Vai, Zakk Wyllde, Kiss, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Guns and Roses, Joe Satriani, Journey, Metallica, Pantera, Queen, Rainbow etc.

What is your favorite song from each of your albums?

Fullmoon, Last Drop Falls, Gravenimage, Don’t Say a Word, In Black and White, The Last Amazing Grays, Alone In Heaven, Blood

Favorite song ever to play live:

Changes all the time.

Best tour experience off-stage:

Jet boat tour in Sydney.

Best country to tour in:

I really can’t say. Always nice to play to our fans everywhere.

Best thing to get from fans on tour:

To hear great stories how the music has effected their lives, or even changed it for the better.

Warm-⁠up ritual before you go on stage:

1 beer is always nice.

Favorite food/⁠drink:

Fajitas and beer. Thai food also.

Favorite movie/⁠series:

Star Wars/ Columbo

Favorite cartoon/⁠comic:

Donald Duck

Favorite game/⁠sports:

Ice Hockey, Football (soccer)

Your kind of heaven:

Warm, sunshine, beer, friends.

Your worst vice:

Don’t do anything I would not.

What you’d do with a shitload of money:

Give it away.

Hobbies, or rather what you do on tour to pass long travel/⁠wait times:

I used to have a PSP. Nowadays, maybe play something on my phone.

Place(s) you’d like to visit:


Wise words:

The one who goes to bed with itchy butt, wakes up with smelly fingers.

Last but not least: Is there something you need??!

Beer and a good night’s sleep.